Eye by eye, tooth by tooth.

The ancient law of talion which encourages retaliation and revenge seems not to be quite far from today sense of justice in some countries and societies. For those who pray such sense of justice, Capital Punishment is the only way to preserve the law and order.
One of the main definitions of Justice is “to provide each one what each one deserves or belongs”, but upon what basis we can deduce such deservingness. Upon pain and revenge?
It is clear that when we are struck due to a criminal felony we get into a crisis circle that hazes over our minds and hearts and our first natural question is “why me?” .Our lives run through a supposed secure way when all of a sudden someone or something turns them into a mess of confusion and vulnerability, so we fight to recover such stability by giving back a fatal strike to our felon by thinking that after such retaliation our lives could bring about the false idea that felony could never be repeated again…what a cheat, on the contrary, our lives shall be dropped down into an emptiness because by getting rid of that person who transgressed against us or our beloved ones won’t bring the past back and crimes and felonies will go on.
Rape, murder, sexual abuse, etc. etc. cause indeed a deep pain in our hearts so we will necessarily need a healing process for such pain. Revenge is not the way. Retaliation doesn’t relieve us from our affliction, on the other hand it keeps us stuck into it .
Forgiveness is proved to be the way to heal our distress. By forgiving we break away that circle of pain and anger and eventually heal our hearts.
Killing the transgressor won’t give him the chance to repair the damage, it only will make it more difficult.
Offenders deserve a punishment and are obliged to repair the damage according the circumstances, so victims and transgressors should get into that healing process of asking and giving pardon.
When our societies understand the power of forgiveness, then we might say that we have developed ourselves as human kind.

Eduardo Sastrías


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